As IoT solution vendor, you have hard time showing a clear ROI to close deals or to support your service at scale?

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Biz Assistant

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Stackeo's Biz Assistant is the perfect tool to transform IoT sales reps into super heros. With beautiful, easily prepared Business Case dashboards, IoT salespeople prove the benefits of IoT to all potential customers instantly. They compare current and future modes of operation to replace doubts by convictions. Savings and costs diagrams put in context make the difference with boring and cluttered spreadsheets. With inspiring Stackeo Biz Assistant, it's super easy and fast to win new deals!

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With Stackeo

  • Increase your conversion rate
  • Slash your customer acquisition costs
  • Ensure IoT business is profitable on the long term
  • Minimize risks as you scale
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  • Account Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Business Leader

Business Case Guide

Model the savings your customer will make with your solution. Simulate any deployment scenario in a few clicks. Show the corresponding ROI, net profits and payback period. Break down the different savings, revenues and costs items and make your solution absolutely compelling. With these numbers your customer buying decision become obvious

Brilliant Comparative Simulations

Adjust previsional scenarios in meetings thanks to interactive simulations. By tuning the parameters dynamically, create different scenarios to identify the most relevant one. Impress your customer by your brio and accelerate the sales process.

Sharing and collaboration

With Stackeo, share your costs-benefits analyses anywhere, anytime with anyone. It's the perfect tool for any business that wants to communicate effectively with their clients and partners on a global scale.

Sharing project

Develop simulation scenarios with no effort thanks to decision variables

Scenario comparison are effective for quick decisions making when there are many factors. With decision variables, you can easily change one parameter at a time and make your comparisons crystal clear.