As Product Manufacturer, you want to deliver amazing products as services?

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Use cases

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As Service Business

Plan your Service Business

With Stackeo Biz Assistant, anticipate all benefits and costs of transforming your products in services. Plan for scaling safely and see how much you will be earning. You can explore and adjust all parameters to get the best business case possible.

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Profit Simulation

Cashflow and TCO analysis

Simulate total cost of ownership including maintenance and support. Prepare detailed financial analysis and alternative best and worst case scenarios.  Show clear dashboard and monthly forecasts to convince your management. It's super easy and powerful!

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With Stackeo

  • Accelerate your decisions by weeks
  • Anticipate and control all costs precisely
  • Save time by leveraging pre-defined templates
  • Take no risk with your product as a service pricing
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  • Project Leader
  • Business Analyst
  • Solution Consultant

Articulate the value of your connected service with a simple IoT solution canvas

Do you want your team and management to understand deeply how IoT will transform his business? With IoT Solution CANVAS, guide them in structuring the innovation and asking the right questions. You create and document a compelling business case together for complete adhesion to the project.

Create a saving item

Get guided to develop your IoT solutions business case thanks to predefined items and templates

Get inspired by predefined vertical templates in preparing your business case. Select specific cost items to analyse all costs and customize your demonstrations. Tag decision variables to easily change one parameter at a time and make your comparisons crystal clear in meetings.

Generate and export detailed projections

Stackeo Biz Assistant is a perfect tool for every entrepreneur to accelerate the decision and alignment process. You can simulate and export monthly savings, revenues and costs projections to convince your management.

Structures and scenarios

Develop simulation scenarios with no effort thanks to decision variables

Scenario comparison is effective for making decisions that are difficult because there are many factors that need to be considered. With decision variables, you can easily change one parameter at a time and make your comparisons crystal clear.