As IoT Solution Integrator or
, you struggle with business case analyses?

Use cases

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Customer Demo

Convincing Business Case

Biz Assistant takes the viewpoint of your customer to articulate gains and costs of the solution you are building together. Compare current and future modes of operation to understand immediately the benefits. It's super easy and impressive!

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Profit Analysis

Robust Forecasts

With Biz Assistant, plan at scale, anticipate costs and return on investment. Show the profit of this project to your management. You can configure and adjust all settings to find your way to maximize margins.

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With Stackeo

  • Accelerate your decisions by weeks
  • Anticipate and control all costs precisely
  • Save time by leveraging pre-defined templates
  • Take no risk with your product as a service pricing
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  • Project Leader
  • Business Analyst
  • Solution Consultant

Assist your customer in building value with IoT Solution Canvas

Do you want your customer to understand deeply how IoT will transform his business? With IoT Solution Canvas, guide him in structuring the innovation and asking the right questions. You create and document a compelling business case together for complete adhesion to the project.

Accelerate IoT solutions business case development thanks to predefined items and templates

Do you want to know how the Internet of Things (IoT) can benefit to your business? With the help of our intuitive modeling interface, you will be guided to create solid and convincing business cases and generate comprehensive dashboards.

Develop simulation scenarios with no effort thanks to decision variables

Scenario comparison is effective for making decisions when there are many factors to consider. With Decision Variables, you can easily change one parameter at a time and make your comparisons crystal clear.

Structures and scenarios

Deliver Stackeo under your brand

With the white label option, personalize the tool as you want