Scale your IoT project safely with Stackilab solution

Stackilab is the first systemic, architecture-centric, AI solution for modeling and simulating IoT chains. Modeling enables to abstract and reduce complexity. It permits to envision the future deployment and align the team around the end-to-end chain and to reason about various choices. Simulation is a powerful and cheap technic to make projections and prove validity of decisions. 

In concrete terms, Stackilab is providing two main features: a Studio to design the technical architecture of both the data layer and the infrastructure layer. A Simulator to calculate cost-benefits and volumetrics for architecture and capacity assessment. It also computes environmental impact as this dimension is getting increasing importance.

With Stackilab guidelines and insights, minimize risks of failure and accelerate time-to-market and get future-proof solutions. You will be interested if you are...

A private beta has started in October.
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