Stack Studio

Create custom architecture diagrams and visualize the end-to-end IoT chain to efficiently communicate your solutions design!

A no-code software to design the architecture, test configurations, simulate costs and volumetrics of complex connected systems

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Create end-to-end IoT architectures easily

An intuitive IoT architecture editor for describing and sharing high to low level design decisions

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Estimate sizing and costs at scale

Traffic, messaging and processing simulations make capacity calculations easy and cost effective

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Explore architectural and technology alternatives

Pre-defined building blocks simplify centralized and edge topologies comparison and tuning

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A picture is worth a thousand words

You want to explain how the solution is built to your collaborators and partners. Create high level or detailed architecture diagrams. Share them with your teams to make sure everyone speaks the same language and understands the vision but also associated constraints.
Communicate efficiently with your customers and partners all along the project lifecycle.

Leverage pre-defined building blocks to create your own solution diagrams in a few clicks

Pick your favorite and qualified IoT bricks from the node box and drop them on the board. Then link them to create an easy to understand overview of your solution. Start with a simple design and detail it as needed. Export the diagrams to build beautiful presentations of your project.

Reuse certified libraries or create your IoT nodebox to standardize your architectures

IoT technology is evolving very fast. Make sure your solutions are future-proof by modeling your prefered building blocks and templating pre-qualified solutions architectures. If needed, leverage Stackeo multi-layer multi-tier technology to model and simulate complex networked infrastructures. Automatically capture the architecture, requirements and constraints of the IoT stack.

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OPS Assistant

From pilot to large scale deployments, make sure connectivity, devices and cloud apps are always up and running as planned. Create custom rules to be alerted before your customer notices issues.

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Biz Assistant

Estimate ROI, Time to value, financials trajectories.Quantify benefits and total cost of ownership.

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