Ops Assistant

Offer a "best in class" customer service and maintain it as you scale!

The only real way to stay ahead is to constantly be in the process of detecting and solving infrastructure issues as well as anticipating customer needs. Plug into our intuitive multi-provider management software to simplify your IoT solutions’ monitoring. Ops Assistant accelerates support operations to help you deliver the best IoT experience.

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Gather device to cloud metrics in one place

Centralize all information needed by operation and support to manage IoT fleet incidents and deliver high quality

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Create custom rules to be alerted rapidly

Every deployment has its own characteristics. Easily adapt the pre-defined rules of your customer support tool to get the right alerts timely.

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Automate operations to scale fast

Focus on your core business and the value of your service without being disturbed by incident management nor Ops tools development

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Multi-connectivity platform integrations

Integrate your connectivity technology or connect via an API in a few minutes and get full visibility whatever the size of your IoT Fleet. Stackeo offers Sigfox and Lora integrations amongst others.
From pilot to large scale deployments, make sure connectivity, devices and Cloud apps are always up and running as planned.

Real-time detection of incidents and activity monitoring

When many heterogeneous and distributed entities interact to provide a service, being sure each one works in concert can be difficult. Create custom rules to be alerted on business, device or connectivity issues in real-time. Focus only on what matters to your customer success.

Follow the evolution of each customer's deployment health to maximize satisfaction and traction

By filtering each customer’s deployment activity, you can make sure your team rapidly detects and corrects issues to accelerate engagement and growth.

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BIZ Assistant

Estimate ROI, Time to value, financials trajectories. Quantify benefits and total cost of ownership. Biz Assistant helps you build any IoT Business Case.

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STACK Studio

A low-code software to design the architecture and test configurations and simulate volumetrics of complex connected systems.

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