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First low-code assistant that helps teams in selling and operating profitable IoT solutions as services

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All decisions in  1 place
2X faster time to value
Slash your IoT costs by 3
100% team, client and partner alignment


CANVAS: Define and document the WHY, WHAT and HOW of your innovation with IoT Solution Canvas®

Centralize your questions and goals in a simple pictorial representation that reflects systematically on your IoT solution essentials. Focus on your innovation segment by segment. Then communicate efficiently with your teammates, your customers and partners all along the project lifecycle.

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TEMPLATES: Create solid IoT business cases thanks to standardized buildings blocks and pre-defined inspiring Templates

A clear articulation of your solution's value accelerates the decision and alignment process. Reuse building block and templates to detail the different components of the expected savings and costs. Demonstrate efficiently the benefits and outcomes.

COMPARISON: Develop and compare simulation scenarios with no effort thanks to Decision Variables

When many intricated factors need to be considered, converging on estimates can be difficult. By configuring your "decision variables", you can change each critical parameters at a time and make your comparisons crystal clear.

SIMULATION: Involve your collaborators with dynamic simulations

By changing the simulation inputs in real-time, you can create different scenarios and choose the most relevant one. You can even modify parameters during meetings to accelerate commitment.

EXPORT : Present detailed financial projections to your management

Stackeo automatically creates and exports financial documents for your presentations and reports. You can produce and share datasheets with detailed costs, revenues and savings projections. It's easy to use and requires no training.

SCALING PLAN: Model your solution deployment growth

Stackeo lets you easily model different deployment plans for your project. This helps you project the scalability of your solution in an efficient way. You can create any kind of scenario that fits your needs and we will take care of the rest!

SHARING: Get your colleagues and customers truly involved thanks to sharing and collaboration features

Share your cost-benefits analysis anywhere, anytime with anyone. Stackeo Biz Assistant is the perfect tool for any business leader that wants to communicate and engage with his clients and partners transparently and on a global scale.

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CUSTOMIZATION: Deliver Stackeo power under your brand thanks to the white label option

You can create your own custom colors, templates and items to adapt Stackeo to your brand. With the white label option you personalize the tool as you want.