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Our services

Modeling services

You need to prepare a strong business case template for your company, so your sales team can leverage it for their customer meetings. Prepare your customized Business Case template in Stackeo Biz Assistant with our experts.


Training services

IoT seems very complex to you but you need to know the basics to make the right decisions for your enterprise. Stackeo experts propose a 10-hours training to introduce you to key concepts to master your IoT strategy. You will be also introduced to Stackeo application, your IoT decision booster.


Stackeo customization

You cannot find the template or the items corresponding to your project in the Stackeo application? Our team will develop them for you right away!


Consulting services

You need advice to design your solution? To select the best IoT Networks for your solution? Or to make a choice for your platform or analytics pipeline? Our experts are here to help!


Development services

You need help to develop your analytics pipeline or IoT application? Come and talk to our engineering team.


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