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Build your IoT business case in less than 90 minutes and export it automatically to Excel

You want to estimate the Return on Investment (ROI) and the financial trajectories of your IoT project?  Biz Assistant is the perfect tool to rapidly  demonstrate the profitability of your solution.

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IoT business model

As Product Manager create convincing business simulations and test innovative pricing models

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ROI demonstration

As IoT Sales rep, present your solution's benefits to customers with synthetic dashboards

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Total cost of ownership

As IoT integrator, detail all the costs  required to build, install and run a powerful  connected solution

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Create and export your IoT Business model in a few clicks

You want to develop an Asset Tracking solution or a Smart Equipment service and need to evaluate rapidly the benefits at scale to convince your management? You also want to estimate the cost to get your initial budget? No need to spend hours in developing a custom spreadsheet! With Stackeo Biz Assistant creating and exporting detailed projections in Excel will take you less than 90 minutes!

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Develop simulation scenarios with no effort thanks to decision variables

When many intricated factors need to be considered, converging on estimates can be difficult. By modeling your business structure and configuring your "decision variables", you can define each critical parameters at a time and explore systematically your potential costs and benefits.

Reuse pre-defined items and templates to accelerate your business case analysis

Get inspired by pre-defined ROI demonstration and new business model templates to configure rapidly your simulation scenario. Then adapt the different components of your expected savings, revenues and costs to forecast the benefits and outcomes of your project.

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OPS Assistant

A plug and play multi-technologies management software for end-to-end IoT Solutions providers to simplify and accelerate IoT monitoring and support operations.

From pilot to large scale deployments, make sure connectivity, devices and cloud apps are always up and running as planned. Create custom rules to be alerted before your customer notices issues.

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STACK Assistant

A no-code software for IoT Architects to easily design any end-to-end architecture, test configurations and simulate complex networked systems behavior and cost.

Communicate efficiently with your teamates, your customers and partners all along the project lifecycle. Automatically capture the architecture, requirements and constraints of the IoT stack.

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