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Connected Solutions

Life Cycle Management 

We help drive IoT digital transformation by value

Build reliable business models and scalable architectures with IoT Solutions simulation

Lower risks

Compare best and worst case scenarios

Strengthen your IoT architecture and technology choices

Make stronger decisions

Decrease TTM

Reduce the cultural gap between project team members

Reach team alignment faster

Accelerate ROI calculation

Keep control


Check reliability and security end-to-end

Ensure standards-compliance

Control environmental impact

Smart connectivity made accessible

Why Stackeo

Early view of your IoT project trajectory

Anticipate your solution's performance with tools for project planning and cost-benefit simulations coupled with architecture design and scaling plans.

Low code

Use our Drag & Drop interface to blueprint your connected system architecture by selecting and chaining IoT components together in only a few clicks.

Interactive systemic simulation

Assess your topology and technology decisions with interactive, multi-layer, volumetric estimations (data, message, network and energy)

Collaborative design and analysis

Invite your team members to collaborate on your project, challenge choices and compare viewpoints to agree on the best deployment scenario.


"Thanks to clear and understandable diagrams and dashboards, Stackeo helps our OT and IT teams collaborate and align."


"Stackeo guides us in formalizing our goals and anticipating roadbocks about our IoT solutions. Everyone in the project end up sharing the same view, which helps us to get the right investment and execute efficiently."

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